By using the Services offered through this Website, you are bound by the terms and conditions as set out below. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not use or access our service. Seal Extreme is proudly South African made and owned, and manufactures a complete range of coatings, sealants &  primers.

Definition of Terms

“Email(s)” means electronic mail sent or received by the Seal Extreme either by a member of Seal Extreme or automatically on behalf of Seal Extreme.

“Customer(s)” means any person, persons, tradesperson or business who has either joined the site to search for tradespeople or posted a job on the site to obtain quotes for the work.

“Leads” or “Job Leads” means any Job contact which is provided by ‘Seal Extreme’ including job details “Job(s)” means any work, project or job submitted on the website.

“Privacy Policy” means Seal Extreme privacy policy which may be amended from time to time as per these Terms and Conditions.

“Service(s)” means any product or service that is provided by Seal Extreme to Users, which includes, but is not limited to: information, services and products provided through the Website, or by telephone or email.

“Supplier(s)” means contractors, sub-contractors, and sole traders, or any other person or company working (or contemplated by the Supplier to be likely to work) with or for or on behalf of a Supplier in connection with a Job.

“System(s)” means the software, hardware, batch programmed, and automated processes that are used by Seal Extreme in order to provide components of the Service.

“Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

“Text(s)” means short message service (sms) sent or received by Seal Extreme either by a member of Seal Extreme or automatically on behalf of the Seal Extreme.

“Tradesperson”, “Tradespeople”, “Tradesman”, “Tradesmen”, “Trades Professional(s) and Supplier(S)” means any User that registers on the Website in order to receive Job Leads to help them obtain work posted by Customer.

“Trade Membership” means any Tradesperson/Supplier with an active subscription to receive new job leads as per their location, trade categories/job types, and coverage area.“User(s)” or “You” means anyone making use of the ‘Seal Extreme’ Services.

“Website” means the website and any subdomains including the pages, content, and graphics contained within and provided by the Company.


You understand and agree that the Seal Extreme relies on Customers to accurately specify and describe their Job requirements. Seal Extreme makes no warranty for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided by the Customer.

You understand and agree that the Supplier is solely responsible to ensure that they are legally able to tender and carry out any work received through the Service. The Supplier is also solely responsible that any sub-contractors used are legally able to carry out any work received through this service.

You understand and agree that Seal Extreme is not party to any contract made between the Customer and the Supplier and/or its Sub-Contractors in relation to a specific job and accordingly Seal Extreme shall not be liable to the Supplier or its Sub-Contractors for any occurrence resulting from any dealings between the Supplier and its Sub-Contractors and the Customer including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential or inconsequential loss of any kind suffered by the Supplier and/or its Sub-Contractors howsoever arising.

You understand and agree that you will fully indemnify Seal Extreme against liability (of any nature), which may befall ‘Seal Extreme’ as a result of your illegal or fraudulent use of our services.

You understand and agree that Seal Extreme is not responsible for any interruption of service, and accepts no liability for any loss of services, sales or any other form of loss.

Intellectual Property

Seal Extreme owns all the intellectual property rights relating to the website, including the layout, design, content, graphics, and database and you agree not to use or copy any part thereof without our prior permission.

You certify to the best of your knowledge, that any information you post on this site is accurate and that you are authorised to post this information. Any materials you upload remain the property right of the owner and are uploaded at the Users risk. In doing so you are giving expressed and irrevocable permission for us to store, display and use the content.


You agree to use the website for lawful purposed only and in a way which does not infringe the rights of or restrict or inhibit anyone else’s use and enjoyment of the website.

You understand and agree that any details, including contact information, obtained by you through this service, remain the intellectual material of this service and that you will not sell or give this information to other organisations nor individuals.

You shall not:

  • Provide copyrighted materials without authorization;
  • Provide obscene or offensive material;
  • Provide material whose nature and/or volume compromises the ability of Seal Extreme to serve our websites (instances including but not limited to unreasonable consumption of disk space, Internet link bandwidth, CPU, and memory usage, as determined by Seal Extreme staff), provide materials that are deemed by the government authorities as inappropriate or illegal. Any such government determinations will be binding on the customer, not Seal Extreme.
  • You agree that you are responsible for the validity of the mobile number used for texts and that any failure to receive messages due to lack of signal, the number being inaccurate, turned off, out of service or other reason, is your responsibility.


You understand that we only accept payment by bank transfer (EFT).

Termination of Service

Written notice is required for termination of services.


Seal Extreme reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without prior notification and all such changes will be viewable on this website.